Adil Afsar

For a change – it’s me in the frame!

About me:
* A 4 years Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts including Design, Illustration and Photography.
Result: This helped mould me into a visual storyteller with a greater understanding of creating moods, shooting design, camera-work & lighting.

* A Masters in Filmmaking from MCRC (Mass Communication Research Centre) of Jamia, Delhi – one of the best known institutes for film making in India.
Result: A deep ingraining in the critical aspects of filmmaking like Direction, Cinematography, Editing, Sound, Script, Theatre etc. I, however, chose cinematography – with a better perspective of how it contributes to the larger picture as a whole.

I began my career in film-making as Director of Photography for MTV India. In 3 short years I had shot close to 200 Promos, Music videos, Packaging as well as short and long format shows. This intensive scope and variety of work taught me how to work in various situations with speed and efficiency.
Post this stint with MTV, I began working on Advertising Commercials with some of the best known production houses in Mumbai.
My advertising work brought me my first full-length feature film - "Luv Ka The End" (2011) - produced by ‘Yash Raj Films’, one of India's largest & foremost film production companies. This project was almost immediately followed by Yash Raj’s next venture - the very successful "Mere Dad Ki Maruti" (2013) and "Bank Chor" awaiting release.
I have travelled extensively while working on my various projects and brought these changing landscapes and rich color palettes to bear on my work. This is a learning I wish to continue.
I am currently working on some major feature film & advertising projects in India. But am keenly looking forward to collaborate with film/ad outfits that can maximize on my skill set: a high aesthetic quotient mixed with crisp, clean quality delivered in double-quick time.